This is now the personal website of Roger Wilson VK4TV ,

Roger has recently retired as owner of Baycom Communications and this business has now been closed. 

However Roger will still continue to provide advice, information and equipment.

Roger will still do repairs of UHF CB equipment as well as any warranty repairs of FDP products previously sold. However this will be a hobby activity only and any equipment or repairs  will be pursuant to the conditions outlined below (refer “Important Notice).

Roger can still supply the full range of FDP products of which will be supplied directly from FDP Radios PTY Ltd. of which a full tax invoice can therefore be supplied.

Please see the following website for more details on FDP products //www.fdpradios.com.au


Phone: 0427 769164

Effective 1st October 2018 the business of Baycom Communications has ceased trading. This coincides with the retirement of the business operator Roger Wilson VKTV

Baycom.com.au  website will remain as Roger will continue to provide advice & service information on FDP radio’s

As the activities on this website fall within the realm of a hobby activity and as it is envisaged that any radio sales &/or repairs will fall well below the GST annual threshold of $75,000 P.A any equipment purchased will be provided on an EX GST basis – ie Roger is not operating as a registered business, is not registered for GST and no tax invoice can or will be provided.

As is consistent with a part time hobby activity the only forms of payment now acceptable will be bank transfer to Roger’s bank account or to his personal paypal account.

Roger will continue to support any outstanding warranties for product recently sold until the expiration of the warranty period.



Roger Wilson VK4TV