BayCom Communications (Roger Wilson VK4TV) has now ceased trading in Hervey Bay after more than 8 years

This is due to the fact that I have decided to return to my country of birth (UK) & semi retire

However I might still be representing FDP Radio’s in the UK in the near future

Please bookmark www.baycom.co.uk for further updates

However repairs of communications equipment is now being undertaken locally by Bay Radio 

Ed Martin the proprietor of Bay Radio has extensive knowledge of the communications market,  therefore if you require any sales or service of  communications equipment (such as Marine, Land Mobile, UHF CB) please contact him on 0420 978961 or via  bayradioinfo@gmail.com

Bay Radio is also an approved dealer & service agent for the locally owned FDP Radio’s

Please look at Bay Radio’s website for more details at:  www.bayradio.com.au

Any under warranty issues with FDP Radio’s of which BayCom Communications have supplied in the past will still be honored by FDP direct

Please contact FDP Radio’s direct on fdpradios@gmail.com or look at their website at www.fdpradios.com.au

You are very welcome to contact me personally if you have any questions

Please email me at: baycomuk@gmail.com


Roger Wilson VK4TV & G4IPE